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National Payroll Week 2021 - Working From Home

Employees who work from home could be entitled to tax relief to cover additional costs incurred, such as heating, electricity and WiFi. This free Working From Home guide provides an overview of employee entitlements and how to claim, with links to the relevant HMRC resources.

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The pandemic has engendered a major shift in attitudes around remote-working, for both employers and employees alike. It's now been over a year since the first national lockdown began, at a time when many employees had to 'adjust' to remote-working. But a year later, and not only have many adjusted to it, but it's now a preference for an estimated 90% of British workers.

But many still remain unaware of the tax benefits available to them and might approach their payroll teams or payroll providers with questions for assistance. The Working From Home guide will provide all the necessary information that employees will need about the scheme, including links to the relevant HRMC resources.

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