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Leaver features - processing leavers with PayDashboard

It has been estimated that around 400,000 employees could be made redundant when flexible furlough ends in October. PayDashboard's leaver features page provides an overview of how payroll providers and employers can benefit when using the portal to process leavers.

The Leaver features page outlines some of the benefits of using the PayDashboard portal when processing leavers. Examples include:

  • Post-date and bulk upload P45s
  • Bulk upload PAYE forms
  • Provide extended leaver access to the portal at no extra charge

The features are in place to ensure time efficiency savings when processing documents, eliminates the demand for document and payslips access and allows for better scheduling and planning.

If you are looking for a cloud-based payslip solution to streamline current processes and future-proof your organisation against potential crises, why not get in touch with us to explore how we might be able to assist you.