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Health & Social Care Levy employee guide

Don't wait until April's pay run to inform employees about the Health & Social Care Levy. Instead, give them this free guide that provides everything they will need to know.

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From April 2022, employees are likely to notice a change to their take-home pay on their payslips and bank account due to a new tax called The Health & Social Care Levy. Those who do not receive a salary increase will see a reduction in their net pay.

This free employee guide contains everything employees will need to know in advance of April, how much they can expect to pay, and links to some helpful financial resources to mitigate the impact.

But what about employers? Employers will need to plan accordingly, to mitigate the impact of the 9% increase on costs to employ. This free bonus employer guide provides some helpful planning tips for employers and other tax schemes available.

"It was a very helpful and clear explanation of the health and social care levy. It was a great aid to advising our employees of what is to come" - Lauren Harris, Payroll Manager, Smith Brothers Marine.

[WEBINAR] - 10th March 2022 4pm - 6pm BST

Join us for a live presentation and update with Samantha Johnson, Policy Lead at CIPP for the HSCL and what to expect in the new tax year. The event is free to attend and is open to anyone working in payroll. Learn more and register here.

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