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A complete guide to processing leavers

It’s been a devastating year for the UK workforce. The furlough scheme has protected more than 11 million jobs since the beginning of the pandemic, but it's likely the end of September could see an unprecedented amount of employment terminations.

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According to a recent BBC report*, almost 800,000 redundancies were planned in 2020. And although the furlough scheme has protected more than 11 million jobs since the beginning of the pandemic, it is still too early to tell how many redundancies will occur when the scheme ends in September.

For those who are not directly associated with HR or Payroll, but are responsible for understanding the leaver process for their organisation, it can seem as though there is a mountain of information to wade through.

This checklist is the perfect resource for partners, MDs, CEOs or founders of small organisations whose responsibility it is to manage the leaver process, and includes links to all the relevant HMRC resources.

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