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5 Tips for taking your accounting firm to the next level

During the pandemic, many accountants were relied upon to provide more than the usual amount of client advice. And those clients have now become accustomed to this. But as we emerge from almost two years in lockdown, how can accountants continue to provide this same level of value without raising prices or adding more resource?

Are you an accountant whose client services multiplied during the height of the pandemic?

Perhaps you extended your services beyond your standard offering to include additional financial advice such as mortgage, pensions, or other personal financial advice. And now you’re finding yourself in a position to either cut back your services to pre-pandemic levels or raise your prices to accommodate your extended client offering.

What to do?

You’ve gone the extra mile for your clients, and they’ve become accustomed to it. You’re their accountant, their confidant, their ‘solutions provider’. Cutting down your time with them to pre-pandemic levels won’t work because they might feel short-changed. And the answer isn't to raise your prices either.

Instead, look to add value in areas that aren’t a considerable drain on your resources or profit margin. With closer relationships having formed during the pandemic, your clients are now primed and more receptive to whatever enhancements you wish to make. Time to leverage this to your benefit!


Keep giving clients what they have come to expect

So how can you continue to provide the great value that your clients have come to expect without significant cost or additional resource?

Well, it’s simpler than you would think. The tools to create an efficient and profitable accounting practice have never been more plentiful. There are now so many more opportunities for accountants to take their client relationships to a more strategic level, and to enjoy greater growth and prosperity.

Download this free guide revealing 5 simple tips to take your firm to that next level, to retain your clients and continue to grow and prosper.

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