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Are you one of the many payroll providers locked into a payroll software and payslip platform contract that you’re finding restrictive and inflexible?

Most payroll software solutions that include a payslip portal means that all client data is locked into that one solution. So if you want to change your payslip portal, you will need to change your payroll software too, as you can’t change one without changing both. This can be frustrating if you are locked into a single contract with two solutions and only want to change the one.

In addition to the above, payroll clients are becoming more demanding about payslip technology. We have spoken to several Accountants recently who tell us that cloud payslip solutions are now almost always a requirement from new payroll clients.

To explore this in more detail, let’s look at the two examples below:

The payroll bureau

A busy payroll bureau uses a software solution with an integrated payslip platform. However, they are unable to post-date or bulk-upload documents or PAYE forms, nor can they use the platform to communicate with their clients. Having researched alternatives, they have found one that would suit their needs. However, their current solution is an integrated payroll software and payslip platform, so their client data is locked into that one software company. In other words, they would need to change their payroll software to purchase the new payslip platform in order to have better control of their client data.

Unfortunately, their current contract isn’t up for review for another 8 months. This means ongoing challenges for them, particularly during the new tax year. And while they would welcome additional payroll clients, they are hesitant to take any more on because of the anticipated challenges that it will bring their already overstretched team.

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The Accountant

An accounting practice wants to scale up their business to include more payroll clients. During the pandemic they received many referrals and are keen to provide a more strategic service. However there is a caveat: most of their payroll clients are currently on printed or emailed payslips and taking on the extra work will be a strain on their current resources.

In addition, their new clients are becoming ever-more demanding in terms of technology. For example, a recent client query didn’t convert as they were adamant that they wanted cloud payslips. As such, the firm has renewed their focus to modernise their current solution to align with evolving client needs.

The issue

In both these examples, current solutions are unable to align with the needs of the firm or their clients. If the pandemic has revealed anything, it’s the shortfall in legacy systems that are no longer fit for purpose.

For the bureau, it means a direct hit on their bottom line because the extra profit will be quickly absorbed by the additional time and resource needed to manage processes.

For the Accountant, it means losing potential new payroll clients to competitors who are technologically better equipped to scale up their businesses.

The solution

The solution for both the bureau and the accounting practice is simple: an independent, secure, cloud-based payslip platform that integrates with current payroll software to deliver an enhanced client payroll service. Having the freedom and flexibility to change your payroll software whenever you need to, without any interruption to the payslip platform functionality. And best of all, being safe in the knowledge that client data is securely stored in an all-encompassing, best of breed solution from an ISO 27001-credited supplier.

Want to know more about the PayDashboard solution? Why not get in touch with us to have a quick chat. Alternatively, you can book a demo at a date and time that is suitable for us to discuss your challenges. We look forward to being able to assist you.

“We’re grateful to be able to upload furlough letters to PayDashboard at no extra cost. Not only has this assuaged our security concerns, but it’s enabled us to take the burden off our clients during this very busy time”. – Nigel Chambers, MD, PPAE Ltd

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