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The term 'selling' has a bad reputation in the accounting world, and yet most accountants are continuously bombarded with sales emails promoting the latest 'problem-solving technology'. Secondly, most accountants themselves are not trained in effective selling and are by nature very technically-minded, being comfortable discussing the technical side of their profession more than anything else.

Find out the top 5 selling mistakes accountants make

But this could cause a shortfall in building rapport with their clients, resulting in them being less effective in articulating the value that their payroll service provides, and ultimately losing out on payroll client revenue.

Enter Phil Sayers of Proten Sales Development. With 21+ years' sales experience, Phil specialises in helping accountants dramatically improve their sales results and enjoy sustainable growth through sales coaching and mentorship.

In this whitepaper, Phil explores 5 selling mistakes accountants make when selling their services.

Want to hear more from Phil? Watch the on-demand video recording of 'How to position and sell your payroll service' here.

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