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The collective sigh from those working in payroll, HR and Finance was almost palpable on the 30th September, when 18 months of turmoil and disruption finally drew to a close. Never before has the sector encountered anything quite like it – a tsunami of change and upheaval that upended the status quo and tested the resilience of people, processes and procedures.

In the scramble to just ‘get business done’, many strategic plans might have been cast aside in favour of the more urgent day-to-day tasks at hand. However, it would most certainly have been obvious for many that this was a time where legacy payroll and payslip solutions would have been put to their most stringent test.

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Looking towards the future

With the weight of furlough admin now hopefully shelved for good, the final quarter of 2021 might be the time when current systems are reviewed, and new solutions considered. These next 6 months between the end of furlough and the new tax year is the perfect time to ditch outdated legacy systems and move into the future.

A great example as always, is paper payslips

We might have banged the ‘ditch paper payslips’ drum one too many times, but it’s for good reason. The cost and resource alone to distribute paper payslips is significant – it’s difficult to imagine how challenging it would have been to to print and distribute payslips in addition to processing furlough.

If furlough did one thing right by us, it was to shine a harsh light on the realities of the effectiveness of these legacy systems and create a need to put modernisation at the top of the priority list.

Many businesses have done just that, having made the switch to email alternatives to plug ‘pandemic gaps. But almost anyone working in payroll will attest to the fact that emailed payslips cause many headaches (lost passwords, anyone?) in addition to the data security challenges of email, as you can read about here.

Providing assurance in uncertain times

Although the worst appears to be over, there’s no guarantee that the effects of the pandemic are completely behind us. In fact, organisations are still mobilising to guard against future crises and to ensure continuation of business operations, regardless of external events and pressures.

It’s so easy to forget how bad things were in the height of the pandemic – to shake things off and just get back to ‘the way things were’, hoping never to see a repetition of the past 18 months and continue as things were before.

But for many, it’s a time to adjust the sails and point in another direction – towards a future where preparation against uncertainty and investment in the right technology will ensure continuing profitability and success, regardless of external circumstances.

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