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Still in lockdown and with the new tax year just two weeks away, many payroll teams and providers are doing what they can to keep their heads above water and just get things done. Right now, it’s a case of using what resources there are at hand to ensure that payroll processes continue as smoothly as possible. It might not seem to the the ideal time to change your payslip delivery, but it's easier than one would think. Wouldn't it be nice to not have to print or email PAYE forms, or deal with a cluttered inbox for a change?

Here are some benefits of the PayDashboard platform that will make the new tax year so much easier for inhouse payroll teams and payroll providers:


Preparing for the new tax year while dealing with furlough is certainly no enviable task, especially if printing or emailing P60s for remote-working employees. Time and resources aside, there is the added concern of sending emails via home networks that can be vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The convenience of having payslips, PAYE forms and employee communications together in a secure, GDPR-compliant cloud platform cannot be overstated. It's so easy to upload P60s to the platform and even easier for employees to access their P60s on the PayDashboard platform.


Although furlough has been extended until September, there could still be redundancies on the horizon. Certain payroll software systems won’t allow you to bulk upload or post-date P45s, which is a real headache when processing multiple leavers. The PayDashboard platform makes this easier and saves you time with the bulk upload and post-date P45 feature, as you can read about in our Leaver Feature overview document.

Secure employee communications

Say goodbye to inbox clutter! Our Employee Engagement Module allows employers to send notifications, messages and documents to individual, or multiple employees at once. It means that employee payslips, PAYE documents, employee notifications and all other communications remain secure and GDPR-compliant within the PayDashboard platform. It’s a perfect payroll tech solution to align with the ever-evolving needs of the remote workforce.

Learn more about the Employee Engagement Module for employers

Learn more about the Employee Engagement Module for payroll providers

Employee education and financial wellness in the new tax year

Financial guidance and education have always been at the heart of PayDashboard’s digital payslip offering. The purpose for this is twofold: To provide employees with answers to the anticipated pay and tax questions, and to help reduce the number of employee queries that payroll teams will be required to answer.

The New Tax Year employee guides are a free resource that PayDashboard issues at the end of March to help busy payroll teams. They are an ideal resource for inhouse and outsourced payroll teams to alleviate the many tax and pay questions that employees will have at this time. They cover things like The Marriage Allowance and changes to Tax Codes, etc.

There is nothing for you to do. Simply sign up to receive the guides and we will send them to you at the end of March.

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Sign up for New Tax Year employee guides for payroll providers

Should you wish to know more about PayDashboard, or would just like to have a chat with us about your current challenges, you can get in touch with us directly. Alternatively you can book a demo at a date and time that is suitable for you. We look forward to being able to assist you.

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