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It doesn’t need to be said that 2020-2021 were the most transformative years in history for the payroll sector. Payroll teams had to adapt to sudden and profound changes in the way they operate both as individuals, and within a team environment.

Delivering a change initiative requires an enormous amount of focus and team commitment. It relies on the ‘holy trinity’ combination of the right leader, team cohesiveness and a collective drive towards a common goal. Appetite for change can vary considerably across the business. It is vital to take into account the unique aspects of the organisation, its culture, and its people.

And at the helm of any successful change process is of course, the right leader. An example of this leadership is the approach taken by Brona Grogan - COO and Coach at Paycheck Plus.

Download Brona's top 10 tips for leading teams through change

Paycheck Plus is an award-winning payroll management and training consultancy, and is Ireland’s most decorated payroll bureau, having received an impressive 20 payroll awards.

Brona joined the firm in 2016, after a 20-year career that began as a Chartered Accountant at Deloitte, and is well-known for building and maintaining an effective coaching and mentorship culture within her team. In 2019 she received the Global Payroll Manager of the Year award at the Global Payroll Awards in Budpest, and is often called on to discuss her approach to coaching at industry events and webinars.

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Developing a team while delivering a critical function like payroll requires a very specific skillset. It’s the difference between knowing when someone needs mentorship, needs coaching, or simply just to be managed to develop and achieve their goals.

There are no limits to what can be achieved by an exceptional payroll team that thrives under good leadership, particularly when implementing a change management initiative in your business or bureau.

In this free download, Brona breaks down her top 10 tips for leading teams through the change process.

Want to hear more from Brona?

In this on demand video recording from the 2020 Payroll Services Summit, Brona goes into detail on her approach to building a coaching culture in the
ever-changing world of payroll.

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