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Did you have plans to change your payroll software and payslip platform during 2020, only to push those plans aside to keep your head above water and ‘just get things done’?

If so, you’re not alone. Payrollers have been forced to utilise the resources at their disposal to ride the wave of unprecedented legislative changes, monumental workloads and a never-ending culture of uncertainty and change.

You might not have the opportunity to roll out new payroll software before the end of the tax year in March. And, if you were looking for a new payslip delivery solution, you’re probably waiting until you have your new payroll software in place first.

But…you don’t have to wait!

You can still make improvements to your payroll function and future-proof your payslip delivery without excessive pre-planning or concerns about your payroll software.


Payslip delivery consistency

You might have considered PayDashboard but are holding back until you’ve implemented your new payroll software. And perhaps you’re struggling along with your current payslip delivery to avoid disruption to your payroll process.

But you don’t have to!

You can implement PayDashboard at any time to improve your payroll process and continue a consistent experience for payslip recipients while shopping around for a payroll software solution that works for you.

A better payslip solution

Let’s face it, printed, PDF and emailed payslips are becoming obsolete in favour of secure, cloud-based, interactive payslips that offer employees more than just static pay data. Despite the multiple features and complexity, an interactive cloud payslip solution is quick to implement, easy to use, and saves you time and money.

Whether you're a SME or larger business: you’ll be facing similar challenges: how to distribute secure payslips to a growing remote-working workforce with as little disruption as possible. You are likely also looking for innovative ways to support employees amidst the current backdrop of economic uncertainty.

All this is entirely possible for you, right now, with PayDashboard.

When the time comes to change your payroll software, you can be assured that regardless of which software you have running in the background, the functionality and usability of PayDashboard will be unaffected.



We can have you set up to deliver secure, interactive, cloud-based payslips within 48 hours. Once in place, you can change your payroll software with no change or disruption to your payslip delivery. PayDashboard will provide you with a consistent, reliable user-facing system to deliver your payslips regardless of the payroll software changes in the background.

More than just a payslip, the PayDashboard platform is a hub for financial guidance, employee wellbeing, rewards and benefits. We’d be happy to have a quick chat to hear your challenges and whether we are a good fit for you. You can either get in touch with us directly, or you can book a demo of the platform at a date and time that suits you.

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