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Outsourced payroll providers can now allow their clients to view and approve/reject payslip data on PayDashboard prior to it being published to their employees. The feature, a final verification step in the payroll process, captures when a payroll client approves or rejects the payslips, and can be audited by the payroll bureau to have a formal record of final sign-off.

PayDashboard already offers the option to re-upload and overwrite payslips in order to correct them (at no additional charge), and the new payslip approval feature is available as an optional feature at no additional cost as well. The combination of these features will enable bureaux to better manage last minute client changes to data without fear of an additional bill from their software supplier – which they then must decide whether to pass on to the client.

How does it work?

The process is simple.

  1. Run the payroll as normal with your usual payroll sign-off procedures.
  2. Upload the final payslips to PayDashboard with a scheduled publication date of one day (or more) in the future.
  3. Your client will receive a notification that new payslips have been scheduled.
  4. They login to their PayDashboard account to review the payslips.
  5. If everything is OK, they approve the payslips and have the option to amend the scheduled publication date or publish the payslips immediately.
  6. If they spot any issues with the payslips, they can reject the payslips and are prompted to contact their payroll agent to advise on the issue.
  7. An audit trail records when the payslips were approved / rejected and by whom, or if the payslips were published without being reviewed by the client.

If payslips are not either approved or rejected by the client by the publication date, then the payslips are automatically published to employees to ensure that no statutory deadlines are missed and that the employees still receive their payslip on or before payday.

The payslip sign-off feature can be used for the agent’s entire client base, or the feature can be controlled on client-by-client basis if required.

Why use this PayDashboard feature?

More and more payroll service organisations have seen the need to have a formal log of sign-off of payroll data from clients in case of queries after the event. Most payroll software used in a bureau does not allow the employer client to access the payroll system directly, so the approval needs to happen in a different system.

With PayDashboard, payroll clients have access to their own secure account to see payslips, dashboards, documents and reports, and so can view and approve payslip data in a safe environment without fear of them accidentally editing or deleting live payroll or employee information.

Interested in finding out more?

Existing PayDashboard clients can email to request more information and have this feature enabled on their account.

If you are not a current client but would like to find out more or arrange a demo, contact us and we would be delighted to help.

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