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Financial wellbeing is critically important for our mental health. It is impossible to be a happy, productive, and fully engaged employee when under continuous financial pressure.

And yet.. this is the reality for millions across the UK who are working harder and for longer hours than they ever have against a backdrop of economic uncertainty.

It is believed that 67% of employees feel unsupported by their organisations when it comes to financial wellbeing (Nudge Global 2020) *. And although employees want to save money and although employers want to support their employees, it has not always been clear exactly where to find the right support, at the right time and at the right price.

But we have changed all that….

Introducing Moneysmart – the smarter way to improve financial wellbeing

We are delighted to announce Moneysmart: the first-ever financial wellbeing hub that smart matches consumers with a range of suitable financial products and services based on their lifestyles, attitudes to money and financial situations.

Over the years we have listened to client feedback on what’s important to them, their clients (in the case of payroll providers), and their employees. As such, we have kept financial wellbeing at the core of everything we do in the following ways:

  • by providing users with access to financial guidance alongside their payslips
  • helping them to understand their pay and taxes
  • enabling them to increase their net pay by helping them understand their tax break entitlements

Moneysmart allows us to help users take a step beyond their payslip to plan how to best use their hard-earned salary each month. This is the next phase in our ongoing commitment to improving the lives of employees and providing financial support.

Innovate grant

The development of Moneysmart was made possible as a result of an £167,000 grant from Innovate UK, as part of the Government's sustainable post-Covid recovery plan. The grant provided us a perfect and timely opportunity to bring to market a product that would significantly enhance the financial livelihoods of our clients, businesses and the wider consumer market.

Quality products from quality vendors

Moneysmart integrates with a suite of carefully selected, digital-first vendors who share our values and offer the best products in their respective industries. Our partners are forward-thinking, innovative, and trusted to deliver bespoke, quality products and services for both organisations and individual employees.

What does Moneysmart cost?

Moneysmart is free to use. There is no cost for a user to sign in and check it out. We aim to negotiate great deals with our partners for access to special offers, discounted services, and free upgrades for all Moneysmart users.

How to register

PayDashboard users who would like to register with Moneysmart can do so by logging into their PayDashboard accounts and following the instructions to register.

Non-PayDashboard users can register via the Moneysmart website link at:

* 67% of employees want more financial wellbeing support from their employers - Nudge Global 2020

Moneysmart in the press

Moneysmart officially launched on 17th February, 2021. We received press coverage from several online publications:


Payment Expert

Global Fintech Series

Crowdfund Insider

Financial IT

Global Fintech Series


The Express (includes an interview with our CEO, Mike Binns)


If you would like to know more about Moneysmart, or PayDashboard's SmartSlip® solution for your business, why not get in touch with us. Alternatively you can book a demo at a date and time that is suitable for you.

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