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The payslip is the genesis of an individual’s financial livelihood. Every financial commitment, expectation and decision begins when a a worker first engages with the string of numbers on their payslip.

Payslips come from a verifiable source - the employer - and it provides proof of an individual's employment and source of income. It is the nexus between an individual’s eligibility and life’s big moments, like buying a home or starting a business. Without payslips, fewer people would get access to mortgages, buy a car or rent a property.

Yet payslip data exchange and the process of verifying a person's income is often hamstrung by outdated and time-consuming processes. Downloading and emailing documents seems in conflict with the reality of a daily lives that frequently involve digital apps and online experiences.

Out with the old, in with the new

Nowadays when consumers apply for credit, they expect their borrowing journey to mirror the online experiences that receive elsewhere in their lives.

These two examples illustrate this point:

Marty age 26

Gen-Z’er Marty was born in an era of the Internet, iPhone, Alexa and the world’s information being just a click away. Everything he has ever achieved in life was made possible digitally – in fact, he’s never seen a cheque, the Yellow Pages, or a fold-out roadmap. So, imagine his confusion and frustration when the requirements rent a property mean downloading and emailing, or printing and posting various documents to evidence his earnings and employment to the landlord or property management company!

Diane age 39

Diane was employed by Company A for 8 years but was made redundant and joined Company B. She recently applied for a mortgage but does not have copies of her payslips from her 8-year tenure at Company A. It was an awkward conversation when she called their payroll department to request copies of her payslips. Plus, it held up her application by almost 2 extra weeks!

Frustrating for consumers, frustrating for lenders

But it’s not just individuals who suffer when applications for loans are held up by manual processes.

1 in 3 lenders* reported having to wait up to 7 days to receive payslip information, and 58% of lenders* manually review payslips and verify their authenticity with employers by phone. Not only is this an unnecessary waste of time, but it can also pose a significant fraud risk.

Consumer-consented data sharing for speedier access to services

Experian’s new Work Report TM service resolves this problem. Work ReportTM is a quick and simple way for employees to share their income and employment details securely, with an organisation of their choice. The data is collected directly from their employer's payslip, payroll or benefits platform, with their permission. It takes the hassle out of sourcing data manually. It is safe, secure, and efficient. Work ReportTM creates opportunities for people and businesses. It removes inefficiency and costs for business whilst helping employees to take control of their finances, leverage the power of their personal data and access the everyday things in life quickly and safely.

A YouGov poll by Experian showed that 3 out of 4 consumers (64%) are willing to share their data where there is a clear value exchange. This rises to 72% when a customer is applying for a mortgage.

PayDashboard’s acquisition by Experian in 2022 brings the benefits of the Work ReportTM capabilities to our payslip, giving our users the option to use this service. If you would like to find out more, please contact


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