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Since the beginning of payroll, paper payslips have been the de facto payroll delivery method for organisations of every size and every type across the world. For some, paper payslips remain the status quo as there has, until now, been little reason to change to a digital solution.

Paper payslips have allowed both inhouse and outsourced payrollers to tailor their services and align with a wide variety of client or employer needs. But the age of Coronavirus has eliminated that choice out of necessity, as payroll professionals working from home have sought refuge in temporary digital solutions.

The COVID effect

The impact of Coronavirus falling in the busiest payroll month of the year was severe enough without dispersed payroll teams needing to navigate the challenges of printing hundreds – even thousands – of paper payslips. The sheer enormity of what payrollers experienced during March and April cannot be understated. In the words of a PayDashboard client during an April webinar: “This has been the busiest payroll period in my 20-year career”.

Time to ditch paper payslips for good?

An interim email solution may have plugged the gap for home workers, but this method has severe GDPR and data security implications. If Coronavirus has done anything right by payroll professionals, it’s to reinforce the message they’ve been trying to convey for so long: Paper payslips are obsolete!

The PayDashboard solution

PayDashboard understands that this pandemic has compounded the challenges of converting paper payslips to a permanent digital solution. We know that although you may already have an interim solution in place, it’s likely a band-aid to see you through the worst of the crisis and an insufficient long-term solution.

Business support for converting paper payslip clients

Our business support package is a great value-add when pitching to your clients or organisation about moving away from paper payslips. Benefits include:

  • Access to two-way documents – For secure document transmission between you and your clients or employees, we are offering a free upgrade to the two-way document feature with a 6-month contract
  • New employee guidance articles – these are automatically added to PayDashboard user accounts. The guides cover key questions around COVID-19 and point employees to the correct HMRC/NHS resource pages. This is a great feature for employers wanting to ease the burden on their HR/Payroll departments
  • Furlough letters and P60s can be sent securely, free of charge
  • Free training for employers on using the PayDashboard portal
  • Special pricing on additional payslips added outside of your initial PayDashboard contract

We understand the pressures of the current situation and that COVID has meant many payrollers have had to accelerate plans to move to a digital solution. This pandemic has revealed the challenges faced when needing to be agile and adapt to change with no time to prepare.

PayDashboard is here to support you during this time. We want to ensure that both payroll services and employers alike are prepared and ready to face the future, should anything like this ever occur again.

Entire workforces will be working from home indefinitely until the Coronavirus dust has settled. If you’d like to help your paper payslip users with a secure, cloud-based digital payslip solution, please get in touch with us today to let us know how we can support you.

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