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Update: 06 February 2018

The integration between PayDashboard and Moneysoft has been completed and a working upload process is in place.

Our BETA testers have been putting the system through its paces using their own data. This has highlighted a couple of minor issues which have been resolved by our technical teams. Our BETA testers are now happy that the service is ready to launch with live data, and have been moving their clients onto PayDashboard.

John Clegg, Director of Healthpay was involved in the BETA testing.

"As part of the BETA programme we have uploaded payroll data to PayDashboard - initially for our internal payroll. We identified a couple of minor issues, which were quickly rectified by Moneysoft and PayDashboard.

We are now satisfied that the integration is working correctly to be able to publish client payslip data, and have launched our first clients on PayDashboard. We have 4 clients live now with another 10 lined up this month, and the reaction of the first few to join PayDashboard has been solidly enthusiastic.

We look forward to using this software more over the coming months."

Webinars for Moneysoft Users

PayDashboard have to date received over 250 expressions of interest from companies using Moneysoft who wish to be kept updated with the progress of this integration. To accommodate this widespread interest, PayDashboard are putting together a series of webinars for Moneysoft clients. The webinars will cover how to export data from Moneysoft, importing this to PayDashboard, and the added functionality of the PayDashboard portal.

If you would like to hear more about these webinars please express interest here and we will be in touch with more information when the details are finalised and webinar registration is open.

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