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As a Fintech company, we're so used to using digital platforms to connect with our clients, prospects and wider networks, that we sometimes forget to might want to know a little more about us and who we are as actual humans.

We sat down with Jordy Dikala, Customer Success Manager, to find out who he is and what makes him tick. Here is what we found:

Jordy joined PayDashboard in early 2020, initially as a Business Development Consultant within the Sales team.

Professional background

Jordy studied English and Journalism at Coventry University graduating in 2016 with a 2.1 average. His first professional role was at Taxi For Email, an email creations software platform where he dipped his toes into Sales. After completing a year, he ventured on to MyDrive - a driving instructors sales platform where he continued to hone his sales skills. However, the company went under in 2020 and Jordy found his way to PayDashboard, where he joined as a Business Development Consultant in the Sales team.

Q: If you could be anything at all, what would you be?

J: A footballer!

Q: Do you remember the happiest day of your life?

J: The day I got to walk my aunt down the aisle at her wedding

Q: What was your favourite ever holiday?

Jordy: Ibiza with the lads

Q: What's your biggest regret?

Jordy: I don't really have any regrets. Every decision made has been made with the information I had to hand at the time. Luckily I have no major regrets.

Q: What's your favourite food?

J: Ribs and plantain

Q: What's your ultimate travel destination once travel restrictions have lifted?

J: LA or Miami

Q: If an alien gave you the opportunity to travel the Universe and you'd get to see everything, with the caveat that you'd miss 100 years on Earth, would you do it?

J: No, I wouldn't, because the Universe is nothing without your friends and family to enjoy it.

Q: What strengths can you bring to your new role as CSM?

J: Composure and calm. Panic can affect decision-making, so I believe it's crucial to always remain calm in stressful situations. It is definitely a strength.

Q: What is your guilty Netflix/Amazon Prime pleasure?

J: Love Island. I really enjoy dating reality TV for some strange reason. I'm a sucker for it.

Q: One last thing you would like people to know about you?

J: I live life to the fullest. I make it my mantra to have fun at every waking moment. I believe that making mistakes isn't the worst thing in the world as long as you are enjoying yourself.

As a valued Customer Success Manager, Jordy's role will be to ensure that we continue to add value to our clients and support their journey with us. In addition to being great at his job, he's always happy to provide the lowdown on the latest Netflix series, or some light-hearted banter on the latest football scores!

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