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Digital transformation is one of those industry buzz words that just isn’t going away. And with good reason, in a 2018 survey by Forrester of US and European business and technology decision-makers, some 71% said their company was currently implementing or investigating a digital initiative.

However many organisations continue to struggle to show tangible impact from their digital transformation efforts, for two reasons:

  1. Lack of measurement of defined objectives
  2. Unclear communications about the project confusing the overall message

At the NHS Efficiencies conference in Manchester on 01 October 2019, PayDashboard presented a session on Objectives, Communication and Impact of digital transformation of payslips. Below is a short summary of our session.


When a client implements PayDashboard, their objectives tend to fall into three main categories:

  1. Cost or efficiency savings
  2. Compliance – including GDPR
  3. Change in the status quo (not related to cost, efficiency or compliance)

We encourage our clients to set out their main objective - although there can be more than one - to help them to focus on the main desired outcome.


With your objectives in place it is time to communicate the change to employees. The key to executing a digital payslip portal is not just to overcome objections from employees, but to show employees how this new system is going to benefit them.

A common pitfall when communicating a digital transformation project to staff – is focusing on the benefits to the business, not on the benefits to the employee. Although your staff may be aligned to their business strategy and be “bought in” to the business side of things, messages that play on their personal experiences will resonate a lot more than talking about cost or efficiency savings to the business.

So instead of:

“We are implementing an epayslip portal to save time and money for the business."


“We are improving how easy it is for your to access your pay data. Our new system PayDashboard is separate to the HR system, so you can access your payslip whenever and wherever you want, without logging into work emails or our company Intranet.”


Many of our clients implement PayDashboard with the intentions of reducing the costs of delivering payslips, or creating time efficiencies in the payroll process. However, sometimes a client comes to us with a more unusual and original objective.

This was the case with Saxon Weald, a housing association employing 250 staff. Last year Saxon Weald launched a digital transformation project with the intention of modernising the business through technological and cultural change. The Assistant Director for Transformation was tasked with finding a project that would kickstart this digital mindset in their staff – a flagship project that would be highly visible to all members of staff whatever their role, location or job function, and give them a real life example of how something can be done better with a digital system.

What do all employees have in common? They all get paid and they all get sent a payslip. And of all the things that an employee receives from their employer, their payslip is the thing employees are most likely to pay attention to. So Saxon Weald used the migration to digital payslips with PayDashboard as a project to show employees that the digital transformation project had started, to see the benefits of this firsthand, and get all staff thinking about how they can improve their own processes.

Read Saxon Weald’s story here (opens in a new window)

In summary

Whatever your objectives in changing your payslip delivery system, PayDashboard can support you to plan an effective roll-out to your employees or payroll clients and maximise the impact of your project. We provide all clients with a suite of marketing materials and offer bespoke marketing collateral or support as required to help you to implement your new online payslip portal.

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