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Over the last year, Accountants across the UK have found themselves taking on substantially more payroll clients due to the growing complexities of payroll and changing legislation. It’s likely too, that many inhouse payroll teams have begun to outsource some, or all, of their payroll to allow them to focus on other business concerns.

Accountants need the ability to scale up to accommodate the additional work that payroll clients bring to the table. Why should you turn away precious payroll clients because legacy systems and processes are straining to keep up with growing demand?

“The offering from PayDashboard in terms of visual data analysis and document delivery gives our clients an extra dimension to their payroll data not offered by any other payslip portal provider”.
– Stuart Fleming, Payroll Services Manager, Bishop Fleming

Moving away from legacy systems

You might be taking a hard look at legacy systems to assess whether they are fit for future purpose. Printed payslips are an excellent example in that they add so much unnecessary extra work and resource in an age where printed documents are almost obsolete.

Emailed payslips aren’t exactly the panacea either, due to the data security risks inherent in vulnerable home networks. Besides which, it amounts to significant inbox clutter for both you and your payroll clients.

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Into the cloud

Having seen an upsurge in Accountant clients over the past year, we wanted to know exactly what features of the PayDashboard platform they found beneficial for themselves and their clients. Here is what we learned:

1. Scalability

One of the biggest draws for Accountants is the ability to scale up their payroll service without the need for additional resources or financial investment. This is an appealing feature of PayDashboard, and cloud solutions in general. The ease of use and platform functionality remains the same whether there are 20 payrolls, or 20000.

2. Security

Having payslips, PAYE forms and client documents together in a secure, GDPR-compliant platform alleviates the need for multiple communication channels. For example, the client documents feature ensures that two-way communication between you and your clients is secure within the platform . Audit trails of all communication is another great security feature, while ensuring you don't lose track of any client interaction.

3. Bulk scheduling

Some payroll software does not have a pre-date and bulk-upload feature. This is particularly relevant as we approach the end of furlough and your clients might need to make redundancies – especially bigger clients that might be planning multiple redundancies. For example, you can post-date and bulk-upload P45s with PayDashboard, which saves time, money and resources.

4. Payroll software changes without platform disruption

It’s no secret that reviewing and changing payroll software is a significant time and cost investment. One of the biggest misconceptions of cloud payslip solutions is that the functionality relies upon the underlying payroll software. But this is not the case at all. PayDashboard provides the flexibility and convenience of changing your background payroll software without any disruption to the payslip platform.

5. Customised branding for your payslip portal

Accountants have the option to apply their own custom branding, logo and colours to their PayDashboard portal, or offer branding as an option to their payroll clients. This is a great benefit that offers all the advantages of a proprietary payslip platform, but without the investment needed to build your own.

6. Time and cost savings

Before the days of cloud solutions, scaling up meant additional investment in time, cost and resource. PayDashboard enables Accountants to significantly scale up their payroll business without further financial investment or additional resources. Furthermore, employee financial guidance articles in the payslip portal translate to significant time saving, as we will discuss in the final point below.

7. Additional value for payroll clients and their employees

Your clients might be looking at ways to cut costs, which could unfortunately include employee benefit and reward schemes. Employee financial wellbeing has never been more crucial than it is now, and financial wellbeing underpins our core offering. The PayDashboard payslip provides a gateway to financial guidance, financial products, services and rewards benefits. Not only does this mean a great value-add to offer your clients, but it also means that your clients can continue to reward their hard-working employees without needing to enter lengthy contracts with wellbeing providers. It also means reduced queries from employees around their tax and pay, saving time for inhouse payroll teams and for you!

“With PayDashboard we aren't restricted to just using our current payroll software, so we can make changes in the future without disrupting our clients”.
– Katy Christiansen, Senior UL and Global Payroll Manager, Anderson Anderson & Brown

In Summary

As the working landscape continues to evolve and shift away from traditional paradigms, so will the needs and expectations of payroll clients. Accountants who are agile and adopt cloud-based systems will be significantly more able to align with the needs of their payroll clients while they scale up their payroll businesses and remain ahead of the game.c

If you would like to learn more about PayDashboard and how you can add value to your payroll clients with our solution, why not get in touch with us or book a demo at a date and time that is suitable for you.

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