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Is your online payslip portal fit for purpose?

If you are looking for ways to streamline your organisation’s payslip delivery capabilities, you’re not alone. Many businesses have realised that the printed payslip method is time-consuming, expensive and a strain on the environment. Whatever the reason, organisations are making the transition to PDF payslips in a secure online portal.

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You may have assumed that the easiest option is to utilise the PDF payslip functionality in your existing HR system, or the default solution provided by your payroll software. However, this is not always the case, and problems particularly arise when:

  1. Staff would like to access their payslips outside of the business network
  2. The payroll team spends too much time administering the online payslip portal
  3. There are usability issues with the portal, such as problems with password resets
  4. There is a need for a more innovative solution that adds value for employees

Switching to a specialist payslip delivery portal can be a transformative solution for your business.

  • Leavers can access their payslips after their employment ends and their access to the HR portal is cut off.
  • Employees working remotely or on leave (including maternity leave) can still access their payslips in the usual way.
  • A specialist payslip portal can be more cost effective than adding payslips to an HR portal, as the per user costs of an HR portal are often much higher.

So if you are considering implementing an online payslip solution, or having some issues with your current portal, then why not explore how a specialist payslip portal linked to your current payroll / HR software could support you and your business?

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