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Solutions for Accounting Firms

Make payroll a strategic service

Streamline your service

One secure portal for client payroll reports, employee payslips, PAYE forms and other pay documents.

Build your business

Win and keep clients by offering an added value service, without creating any more work for your payroll team.

Delight your clients

Instant access to the deeper insights of your client’s payroll, so you can give educated and informed advice.


Tangible added value for your payroll service

Selling a service such as payroll is hard. With PayDashboard you'll be able to physically show clients the added benefits that they and their employees will get when they outsource their payroll to your firm, helping you to win more business.


Built to meet the challenges of accountants running a payroll service

From bulk uploads and approvals of payroll data, to scheduled publishing dates, PayDashboard is designed to handle high volumes of payroll in order to make payroll week easier for outsourced payroll providers.


No need to change your current system

PayDashboard integrates with your existing payroll software and can be used with multiple payroll integrations under one PayDashboard licence. So you don't need to change your payroll software to access a better payslip delivery portal.

An extra dimension

"PayDashboard gives our clients an extra dimension to their payroll data not offered by any other payslip portal provider"

Bishop Fleming
Stuart Abbott, Payroll Services Manager

More freedom, less client disruption

"With PayDashboard we aren't restricted to just using our current payroll software, so we can make changes in the future without disrupting our clients."

Anderson, Anderson & Brown LLP
Katy Christiansen, Partner