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About PayDashboard

The digital payslip has arrived

PayDashboard is a truly independent interactive payslip platform for employees, employers, professional advisors and partners

Our primary goal is to bring insight, guidance and education which will enable employees and employers alike to optimise their remuneration process. The end result we deliver is more net pay for the employee at no net cost to the employer.

At PayDashboard we're working with some of the best brands and the most innovative providers in the industry, providing the kind of schemes to the employees of SME businesses which have historically been the exclusive preserve of large organisations.

How is PayDashboard different?


While some online payslips are simply PDF versions (or even scanned copies) of a printed payslip, PayDashboard’s payslips are 100% digital. They have been designed to be viewed online and are mobile responsive, so you can access them on your mobile or tablet device and still get a great user experience.

But if you need a printed payslip then that is no problem - you can choose to download and print your payslip if required.


Unlike other payslip providers we are not affiliated to any one payroll bureau, payroll software package or benefits provider. This independence means that we are free to work with all available providers to get our employee and employer users the best possible deals.

Partner platform

PayDashboard provides the perfect platform for explaining and communicating the value of services and products to employers and employees. PayDashboard provides impartial information to the employee about each product and how the tax savings work to educate and help them to make a well-informed decision.