Pay Dashboard Pay Dashboard

The Interactive Payslip Platform

The digital payslip has arrived

Reduce your costs

Save on employer NI contributions while cutting the cost of producing and printing payslips.

Stay in control

A clear summary and detailed analysis of your payroll on an easy to understand dashboard.

Improve retention

Educate your employees with impartial information to increase their net pay and drive staff loyalty.

What is PayDashboard?

Watch this short video for a concise overview of how PayDashboard works and some of the great features of the platform.

Powerful dashboards

PayDashboard gives you a complete, manageable overview of your employee salaries, with features that let you compare them to different periods, set alerts for variances, and so much more.

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More than
just a payslip

You can now do much more than simply manage the payroll. We’ll help you educate your staff by teaching them to understand their pay and the opportunities they have to make their money go further.

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No need to change your payroll

PayDashboard connects seamlessly with your current payroll provider to set up multiple users and manage payroll costs, whether you run a weekly or monthly payroll, with no software downloads required.

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All the features you'd expect and more

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    Safe and secure

    All data is securely encrypted on our servers following industry best practices.

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    Online 24/7 with mobile access

    Access reports and payslips anywhere from your desktop or mobile device.

  • icon-monthlyfee

    Simple monthly fee

    Tiered pricing plans offer cost effective options for companies of all sizes.

  • icon-smartreports

    Smart reports

    Alerting you to changes or anomalies in your payroll and suggesting areas where savings could be made.

  • icon-autoupdates

    Free and automatic updates

    No software to download or unexpected upgrade fees.

  • icon-employeeproducts

    Employee schemes

    PayDashboard offers an effective platform to promote and manage your employee offers and incentives.